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Ever wanted to start and grow a career with the US Federal Government? Not sure what it takes?

Resume Review


We can take a look at your resume or CV before any decisions are made.  If you've already had a professional build it for private industry and would like to see what needs to be done to  apply for federal jobs, we are ready to assist you.  We can give you peace of mind that you are good to go or we recommend that you schedule an official evaluation with one of our professionals. 

We can perform a resume critique within 2 days and identify weakness or vulnerabilities relative to federal resume format and content. We can provide you with a detailed response via 15 phone consult or email write up.

(Only Written Resume Review: $50

Career Coaching

Relevant job search tools and  strategies are essential for the job seeker.  As a certified coach I've had the pleasure of assisting numerous veterans with their transition decisions to either find a new civilian career or pursue entrepreneurship.  We all have choices and sometimes one does not fulfill you until you explore both sides.

We will discuss the market and latest updates with federal jobs and executive policy governing hiring into the federal government.  We also will use our assessment tool to identify the job series that will best fit with your KSAs or skills and experience.

Federal Resume

Don't let the fear of writing a resume let alone a federal resume stop you in your dream job pursuit tracks.  You have the experience, we have the experts with the relevant expertise in HR, Staffing, hiring manager, selecting official, policy, interview panel and professional resume writing.

We have access to writers for various grade levels (including GS13-15)  specific to a job announcement all specialized for your specific request to deliver optimum impact.  





How Blockchain is disrupting HR recruitment

How to Select a Resume Writer or Career Coach

You're an expert at what you do -- hire an expert to help you shine to in the federal recruitment arena.!

Career professionals come in all shapes and sizes, with different levels of experience, qualification, and recognition. So, how do you pick one that you can be confident will be a good match for you? There are several factors to consider in finding a career professional who can help you get into the federal GS system. It is extremely critical that you do not make your decision based on just one factor alone. Yet, make one of them experience in federal resume writing. Here are some elements to consider to ensure you find the right professional::

Expertise and Specialty
In career services, there are generalists and specialists. For instance, if your career is in information technology, then you want to make certain that the professional you select has expertise in your field. Alternatively, if you are seeking a career coach, you should find out if they are adept at working within your goal area (such as a female seeking promotion to the executive level) or a job seeker looking to make a career change to an unidentified field. While many professionals offer multiple one-stop services, make sure they can meet your needs.

On specialization: A professional doesn't have to specialize only in your field to be able to provide you with the expertise you need. Be sure to ask if the professional has experience in your field, look for samples on their website (if you are seeking resume services), and watch what they say to gain a sense of their comfort zone with your field. Many professionals are adept at interviewing and researching so that they do not need to specialize to provide you with superior service.

Service Model
The Internet tends to play a big part in how career professionals do business today, however, you need to find a professional who offers a service that meets YOUR needs and can provide it in a way that is most comfortable to YOU. It is rarely a good idea to make a buying decision based on a website alone. You should consider speaking to the professional and asking questions such as:

  1) How does your process work? (You want to know whether it is face-to-face, on the phone, through questionnaires, etc.) There is no one method that is right, but it must feel right for you.
  2) Will I work with you or a third party? If a third party, what are the qualifications of that individual? Can I speak with him or her before purchasing the service?
You also need to consider your comfort level with the individual. Is he/she motivating, friendly, and encouraging or brisk and indifferent? Do you hear back in a timely manner? Do you get straight answers to your questions? If you feel comfortable with the individual you will have a much greater chance of working together successfully to meet your goals.

 We help to remove the   guesswork  from your 

 career search.  No stress       and struggle anymore.

  • We conduct a specific assessment
  • We help find the right series that's fit for you.
  • If you're a milvet, we ensure you're  connected for maximum benefit 

We provide Career Readiness consultation and coaching and expertise of former federal managers as advisors. 

  • We craft your federal resume
  • We advise on special hiring authorities that may apply to you
  • We verify that your usajobs is set up properly for federal employment 
Do You Want an Impressive Federal Resume?
Do You Want a Resume Review & Consultation?

One Hour Federal Resume Consultation $85

Consultation comes with each service. If you have an announcement, we will target the federal job/position with recommendations to enhance your chance of making the list of best qualified applicants. If you do not have an announcement for federal job (maybe upgrade resume for promotion), our career consulting includes how to show you are interested in a promotion and what OPM programs will support you.  Outcome: Detailed Email about your resume with recommendations for updates to about what the federal resume needs to get Best Qualified.  *Fees will be applied to full resume package ordered.*

*Complimentary discussion about GS series you qualify for and PDF copy of  the preferred resume style and how to ace your interview for federal agencies*